SpongeBob Rock Collector game

SpongeBob Rock Collector

You are a real rock collector and every rock costs something. You want to have them all, but this path is dangerous...
There are so many stones underneath the surface of the ground. You want to get rich, so it's a kinda option. Just find the rocks and dodge enemies.
Do you wonder what lies beneath the deep dark underground parts of your city? Are you a curious little explorer ready to dig up some dirt? Then join sponge bob on his mission to dig deep into the caves and mines of bikini bottom and collect as many rocks as he can! In this online game our beloved spongebob has decided to uncover the treasures of the deeps so he’s on an adventure to discover what secret treasures or dangers lies in the depths of the sea with his trusty pick axe. You play the game as an anchovy with spongebob as your guide to the mines where you will discover rocks with gems hidden in them. You can use the gems to upgrade your outfit and digging equipment to newer ones like a grappling hook which will help you in later levels. Collect as much precious stones as you can before heading back outside and avoid the enemies that can cause you to lose the game.
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